What to Expect in September

lightning_storm_meadowlands_IMG_9652To get an idea of what might be seen in the Meadowlands this month, we thought we’d take a look back at the blog highlights from September 2013.

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September 3: Tagged Egret in Harrier Meadow

September 6: S. Bergenite Story on Meadowlands’ Comeback

Sepember 11: WTC Cove in DeKorte Park Rededicated

September 12: Sept. 11 Twin Beams of Light from DeKorte Park

September 12: Orange-crowned and Bobolink at Mill Creek

September 16: Meadowlands Lightning and More  (Michael Maddaloni photo above)

September 26: Cool New eBird Feature for Meadowlands

September 27: Mike Girone Disposal Road Raptor Report

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