Need Your Help With Banded Peregrine


Richard Brown writes:

Earlier this week, I saw a pair of falcons at Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus.  When I first got there at noon, one falcon was circling above and one was in the old raven nest.  Soon they flew off towards the river.

About an hour later, I saw them both chase off a Red-tailed Hawk that got close to the nest site.  One of the falcons then perched on a ball field light and I got some photos.

The photo below isn’t very clear, but it looks like the band reads Black 23 / Green AN.  (I was only able to see a Black 2 through my scope while it was perched.)

(Thanks, Richard!) Does this band number sound familiar to anyone?



2 thoughts on “Need Your Help With Banded Peregrine

  1. Greg Gard

    As far as I know, this bird is a female and was banded in 2012, in Atlantic City.
    From all banded bird reports that I’ve submitted in the recent years, I’ve concluded that, AN bands are assigned to female and AM bands to male Peregrine Falcons. I hope this helps a little…

    Happy New Year to all readers!!!


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