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River Barge Icebox

DSCN9360Stopped by River Barge Park yesterday. The park is open but kayaking looks a tad dubious. Restrooms are still a no-go, so to speak, in case you are wondering.

Our New Bergenite Column: Welcome, Lisa

IMG_0408Jim Wright, who created this blog, also writes a monthly nature column for the South Bergenite. In his last column, Jim turns over the reins of the blog, and this column, to his colleague Lisa Cameron:

When I started writing this column for the South Bergenite 5½ years ago, seeing a Bald Eagle or Peregrine Falcon in the Meadowlands was a major event.

Now, as I write my final column before retiring on Friday, both of these endangered raptors have made amazing comebacks in the region, to the point where I counted five Bald Eagles and a Peregrine during a guided walk at Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus last week.

The first time on the job I saw a Bald Eagle  — through a window at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) offices in DeKorte Park — I raced through the building and out the door in vain hopes of getting more than a fleeting look.

Last week at Laurel Hill, two adult Bald Eagles soared directly above me for almost a minute before taking their leave. Breathtaking. We have come a long way.

During my stint at the NJMC, it has been my honor to Lisa Cameron head shotchronicle and celebrate the eagles’ recovery as well as the region’s rebound — begun many decades ago and still continuing.

Through the Meadowlands Nature Blog, our frequent guided nature walks, and annual events such as Butterfly Day and Moth Night, I have helped the NJMC get the word out that the region’s wildlife is back in a big way.

Although I am retiring, the NJMC’s public outreach will proceed, full speed ahead.

My colleague, Lisa Cameron, will continue this column, the blog and — with the Bergen County Audubon Society —  continue our walks and nature events. Continue reading

Torino’s Latest: Enjoying Nature Alone

The experience of connecting with nature can uplifting and inspiring.  Photo By:  Jeff NicolDon Torino of Bergen County Audubon, who leads so many of our walk, has a new column on Here’s a sample:

One of the greatest things about birding is the people we meet and the friends we make along the way,Birding creates a bond and closeness with people like no other pursuit I know of. My words find it difficult to express the joy…

But once in a while there are those times that I find the need to journey out into the woods and fields unaccompanied and alone.

The link is here.


Flyway Gallery: Young Artist’s Show Extended


“Starbreaker,” by Gabriel Diaz.

This month, eight-year-old Lyndhurst resident Gabriel Diaz  became the first elementary-school-aged student to have his very own exhibit at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s Flyway Gallery.

The show was originally scheduled to run through last Friday but has now been extended through February.

Diaz is introducing area residents to his artistic talents during the multi-media, wildlife-themed show, “The Wonders of the Universe.”

Some of Gabriel’s work measures as large as 5 feet high by 4½ feet wide.

More information about the show is here.

How To Search This Blog

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Trying to find something on the blog — an upcoming walk, a certain photographer’s photos, posts on Muskrats, sightings of a favorite raptor?

Don’t forget that you can search 6.5 years of blog posts by using the Google search engine in the upper-right part of the blog. Let the searches begin.

Year of the Sphinx Moth

Photo by Regina Geoghan

Our friends at National Moth Week have declared 2015 “the Year of the Sphinx Moth,” which suits us just fine since we get quite a few at Jill’s Garden in the summer, including the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth and the Snowberry Clearwinged Moth and a very occasional Nessus Sphinx Moth.

The link to the National Moth Week Post is here.

And yes, we are planning another Moth Night with Bergen County Audubon Society and National Moth Week again this summer. Can’t wait!