Put Your Hands Together

A round of applause for some great photos of a Clapper Rail in DeKorte by Ron Shields yesterday evening.

Ron reports:A nice surprise this evening was a clapper rail found foraging along the Saw Mill Creek Trail at low tide.  At one point, the rail actually crossed over the trail to get to the other side.  No pun intended!  Although I see clapper rails regularly in the Saw Mill Creek WMA, my personal sightings at DeKorte Park have been few and far between.

Thanks Ron!

4 thoughts on “Put Your Hands Together

  1. Laura

    Nice shots! Surprised you were able to capture in the open and not running frantically to hide somewhere!

    1. Ron Shields

      This rail is not too shy and not only feeds out in the open but sounds off quite a bit as well. In this case, I caught him moving from one disconnected stand of phragmites to another where he worked his way along the edge. The rail has even crossed the Saw Mill Creek Trail several times to get to the other side.


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