Thank You Spectrum for Living!!

A hearty thank you from the NJSEA to Spectrum for Living and members of their Adult Training Centers who donated more than 20 Tree Swallow boxes, including a half-dozen beautifully decorated nest boxes, to the Authority! Boxes above, left to right, come from Westwood ATC, Edison ATC, Carver ATC (Westwood), North Haledon Adult Training Center, Teaneck ATC and Ringwood ATC. Ringwood took first place in the decorated swallow box contest.

Thanks to all who participated and helped the Tree Swallows, migratory birds who come to the Meadowlands by the hundreds each spring.The boxes are being put to good use!

Building Tree Swallow boxes is a great project for Scouts, civic groups and other organizations. If your group is interested in building boxes and donating them to the NJSEA, please contact Gabrielle Bennett-Meany at or 201-460-4640.

Participants from Spectrum for Living Adult Training Centers (ATC) who participated in a Tree Swallow box contest.

Winning Swallow Box from Ringwood ATC!

Steve Valhalla of Spectrum for Living and the NJSEA’s Gabrielle Bennett-Meany place a Tree Swallow box in the marsh.


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