DeKorte Photos: Part 1

DSCN0325 Long Billed Dowitcher 2

    Digiscoping photographer Kevin Bolton took this shot of a Long-billed Dowitcher at DeKorte late last week. 

    More on Long-billed Dowitchers here.

2 thoughts on “DeKorte Photos: Part 1

  1. Mauro

    What are some of the clues that define that dowitcher as a LB rather than a SB?
    i’m a novice at shorebirds and would appreciate any help

  2. Kevin

    Mauro the call note is a give away, But the barring in the tail is one point also a Long Billed tends to look like it swallowed a grapefruit a bulged neck look that is three clues which there is more I probaly have not covered.


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