DeKorte Report

   Birder Neil Maruca was at DeKorte Saturday morning. He fiied this report:

   DeKorte's Marsh Discovery trail once again hosted cooperative and readily  seen Soras, Definitely, DeKorte is the place to be if it's a bird of interest for you.

   Water levels have been lowered in the Kingland impoundments near the environmental center, leaving short mudflat "beaches" at the edge of the phrags. For the last few days birders have been finding  Soras working those newly exposed flats.

   Other sightings: Caspian Terns, Peregrine, Black Bellied Plover, Pectoral  Sandpiper. Blue and Green Winged teal, shovelers, pintails, gadwalls, 120+ Greater Yellowlegs, 120+ Snowy's, 525 DC Cormorants… the area is just  incredibly "birdy" right now.

   Also had 3 Kestrels mobbing a Broad-winged Hawk from Disposal Road.

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