DeKorte Update: Pic, Video Link, Bird List

Kevin Boloton dunlin

   Digiscoping bird photographer Kevin Bolton got this Dunlin shot on Thursday. (Thanks, Kevin!)

   Birder Ray Duffy has posted a nifty Sora video from last Saturday's bird walk on his Flickr pege, here. (Thanks, Ray!)

   And Birder Mike Britt reports the following DeKorte sightings on Friday. (Thanks, Mike!)

Sora (3; two adults, one Imm)
Great Egret (130)

Snowy Egret (100)

Great Blue Heron (several)

Caspian Tern

Pectoral Sandpiper (4)
Least Sandpipers (small #s)
Semipalmated Sandpipers (small #s)
Greater Yellowlegs (small #s)
Lesser Yellowlegs (small #s)
Dowitcher spp. (backlit and way too far away for me to ID)
Stilt Sandpiper (1)
Savannah Sparrows (several)
Palm Warbler

Notes: The egret numbers are actual counts and not guesstimates. One of the adult Soras was very aggressive towards and chased off the Immy.

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