Tagged Ring-billed Gull

   Ron Shields photographed this tagged Ring-billed Gull  at the Kearny Marsh on February 5, and asked us recently what the tag meant.
   We gave him the following information, and here's what he learned.


   We suggested Ron follow the advice provided on the Jersey Birds e-mail list:
   "Dan Clark requests that any wing-tagged gull sightings be reported to him at Dan.Clark@state.ma.us (508-792-7423 x215).
   More information on the wing-tagged gull project can be found here:


http://www.mass.gov/dcr/watersupply/watershed/documents/downstream_21.pdf "

   Ron found out that "this Ring-billed Gull is part of a water supply protection study aimed at evaluating the effects of large numbers of birds over an extended period of time on reservoir water quality. 
   "The tag reflects that the gull is part of the Wachusett Reservoir study and was captured and tagged in Massachusetts in 2008. Pretty cool stuff!!!"

2 thoughts on “Tagged Ring-billed Gull

  1. noelle zaleski

    Very interesting! On February 18th I photographed a tagged gull A379 in Perth Amboy. I thought it had a supermarket sticker stuck to it’s wing and felt bad for it because the other gulls were trying to grab it. I look here today to find out it was a tagged gull so I called and left the info for Dan.


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