Help Us Name Our World Series of Birding Team!

IMG_7326-2 The Meadowlands Commission and the Ramapo Foundation are entering a team in the 28th annual World Series of Birding this May, to benefit a bird research project in the Meadowlands. 

We're going to see how many birds species we can see in Bergen County on Saturday, May 14.  Trouble is, we need a name — and we need your input.

So far, two names have been bandied about. Sorry to say, we are not  convinced that either gets the job done. Can you come up with a better name for our eagle-eyed crew?

Here are the choices:

A.) The Great Bergen Herons

B.) The Ramapo Raptors

C. Your choice here.

Please e-mail Jim Wright with your ideas at jim.wright (at)  (Not sure why the link did not work — sorry!)

4 thoughts on “Help Us Name Our World Series of Birding Team!

  1. Mike G.

    We have a lot of Harriers in the area, so how about “Meadowlands Marsh Hawks”? “Meadowlarks” would have been good too, except that there aren’t any Meadowlarks in this area.
    Laura, the link in the article is wrong, but the link in the upper left that says “Email Me” works fine. FYI.

  2. Pam

    1. The Bergen County King Pishers
    2. The Bergen Birders
    3. The Bergen There-He-Goes
    4. The Bergen Bird Bums
    5. The Warbling Bergenites
    6. The Bergen Hoot-n-Coots
    7. The Big-Bellied Bergen Birders
    8. The Bergen Sweet Peeps
    9. The Bergen Bird Stalkers
    10. The Bergen Buffleheads


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