‘Name that WSB Team’ Clarification

IMG_7326-2 We are seeing a lot of great suggestions for the name of the Meadowlands Commission/Ramapo Foundation World Series of Birding team — many great candidates, of which one may well be the ultimate choice.

We neglected to include one factoid that may or may not influence your suggestion: We plan to be a Bergen County-only entry, due to a few parole violations (just kidding about the parole part), so that may or may not influence your choice.

To all who have suggested names already, thank you!

5 thoughts on “‘Name that WSB Team’ Clarification

  1. Deedee Burnside

    It’s got to be a “B” word! Bergen Batch, Bergen Bunch, Bergen Beamers, Bergen Braves, Bergen Browsers, Bergen Bruisers, Bergen Breezers, Bergen Bracers, Bergen Boomers, Bergen Blenders, Bergen Blasters, Bergen Banners, Bergen Blockers, Bergen Bolsters, Bergen Blazers, Bergen Backers, Bergen Burners, Bergen Buzzers, Bergen Buzzards, Bergen Beggars, Bergen Birders, Bergen Beckoners, Bergen Bombers, Bergen Bitterns, Bergen Boobies, etc, etc, etc. . .

  2. Pam

    1. The Bergen County King Pishers
    2. The Bergen Birders
    3. The Bergen There-He-Goes
    4. The Bergen Bird Bums
    5. The Warbling Bergenites
    6. The Bergen Hoot-n-Coots
    7. The Big-Bellied Bergen Birders
    8. The Bergen Sweet Peeps
    9. The Bergen Bird Stalkers
    10. The Bergen Buffleheads


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