Bird Report 042911: 5 Baby Ravens!

Ray Duffy reports:

I checked DeKorte around 12:30pm, picked up a first of year Caspian Tern flying over the Kingsland Impoundment.  No sign of the red-necked phalarope, but the Common Moorhen, American Coot and Sora continued.  I also had a brief look at a Virginia Rail in the phragmites.

Around 4pm, I visited Schmidt's Woods where I got my first of year female Scarlet Tanager.  For warblers had Northern Parula, Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Green, Black-and-white and Ovenbird. 

I closed out the day at Laurel Hill Park.  I had my scope and checked the nest.  I can confirm at least 5 juvenile Common Ravens on the nest so far.

(Thanks, Ray!)

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