Virginia Rail at DeKorte!

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I mentioned to Ron Shields yesterday that I had heard two reports of a Virginia Rail in the Shorebird Pool at DeKorte earlier in the day. I said it was too bad the bird was too elusive for a photograph.

Ron managed to go out on the Marsh Discovery Trail and get a distant photo of the rail above, and a distant shot of the rail with a Sora as well, below.

Ron sez:

"Pic was taken from the Marsh Discovery Trail just beyond the Canada Goose nest or the first blind on the left.  I was looking back towards the parking lot from the "bridge" when Chris Takacs' friend pointed out the sora. 

"It was at the base of the far set of phragmites.  I hung around a bit more and was rewarded with the rail who made its way along the phragmites/mudflat darting in and out  times.  It was joined by the sora for a short while.  The pics are distant and poor quality….but good documentation." (Thanks, Ron!)

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