The Ospreys Are Here!

We are beginning to get reports of Osprey sightings in the Meadowlands, so keep your eyes peeled.

NJMC Executive Director Marcia Karrow saw one flying in DeKorte last week, Julie McCall had one on Sunday, and Mike Gempp saw one yesterday.

Sightings of these dynamic hawks — the 2012 NJMC Bird of the Year — should soon be daily occurrences.

Here's a link to an earlier post on Ospreys and what to do if you see any nesting activity in the Meadowlands.

The photo above is one of the Osreys from the Carlstadt nest in 2010 — the first successful nest in Bergen County in decades.

One thought on “The Ospreys Are Here!

  1. Ray Duffy

    I had an osprey on the old flood gates at Laurel Hill on Saturday Evening, not far from the train bridge nest. No sign of nest building yet when I was there.


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