‘Juvenile Row’ @ DeKorte

1-Juvenile RowBrandon Caswell writes:

I have been down to DeKorte quite a bit lately and I am getting some good advice and pointers from a bunch of the regular bird photographers in the area.

Ron Shields h gave me the idea of this picture as his lens was too big for it.  I got lucky and at one point there were two juvenile Forster's Terns, the Tricolored and what appears to be a juvenile Herring Gull.  Using a higher aperture I was somehow able to get them all in focus. 

I just think it is funny because all the birds are juveniles and they are all successively alternating their points of view (viewer's right, left, right, left starting with the front tern).  There is never a dull moment at DeKorte.

Brandon calls the photo "Juvenile Row." Thanks, Brandon!

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