Kevin Karlson Day at DeKorte!

Fourth Annual Kevin Karlson Shorebird Day at DeKorte was a great success, with some amazing birds — including the young and mostly cooperative Tricolored Heron, several Least Bitterns, an American White Pelican (below, thanks to Fred Virazzi and Chris Takacs) , a Peregrine, Ospreys … Well, you get the picture.

Between the walks, the talks and the photography workshop, the event drew more than 100 people. A big thank you to Kevin, his colleague Lloyd Spitalnik, and to all the fine folks who shared their day with us.

We will post more pix and a ful bird list in the coming week.


5 thoughts on “Kevin Karlson Day at DeKorte!

  1. Jim Wright

    The White Pelican was likely a fly-by …
    Tricolored Heron has been at DeKorte Friday and Saturday (also seen earlier in the week). Best to look in Shorebird Pool along the Transco Trail…

  2. Patrick Carney

    Wow! All these awesome birds and I spent the whole weekend looking at seagulls in Canada. I will have to get to Dekorte soon. Do you think the bitterns will still be around?


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