Tricolored Heron at DeKorte!

Roy Woodford got this shot of a Tricolored Heron in the Shorebird Pool late yesterday afternoon. Looks like you could see it from the shoreline by the VIsitors Parking Lot just inside DeKorte. Not sure if it is still around.

Roy says:  "It was around 5:45 PM on Tuesday … I was standing on the shore walk facing the Turnpike.  Looking in that direction there are two islands.  I had a Green Heron fly in and land on the left island. 

"The Tricolored Heron flew in from the south and landed between the two islands where the rest of the Egrets were hanging out. 

"I only got three shots before he flew around the back of the left island.  It's a huge crop on that shot … even at 800mm."

Will post any more sightings if/when we hear of them. (Thanks, Roy!)

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