Ron Shields’ Kearny Marsh Report: Bitterns Plus

Ron Shields writes:

I had a chance to kayak the Kearny Marsh this weekend and was not disappointed.

1-Copy of IMG_0475As stated in your earlier post on the blog, shorebirds have arrived in big numbers. As these images suggest, Semipalmated Plovers, yellowlegs and Semipalmated Sandpipers dominated the mudflats. 

In addition, a most cooperative pair of juvenile Black-crowned Night Herons allowed for numerous no-crop photos with a 400mm lens. 

I sighted three Least Bitterns throughout the impoundment and had good looks at a half-dozen Common Gallinules (Moorhens), too.

More pix and sightings follow.

They were too elusive to photograph and disappeared quickly into the reeds. 

Note the image (above) of the Wood Duck flying with the great blue heron.  Now if they would only occupy the boxes made especially for them. 

BTW, Friday evening had a Glossy Ibis fly over the Saw Mill Creek Trail coming out of the Harrier Meadow area. (Thanks, Ron!)


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