The Meadowlands Blog Reaches 500,000 Page Views

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When we started this blog in July 2008, we hopes to attract a few folks who loved the Meadowlands and all the amazing wildlife that thrives here.

We have to say, things have turned out even better than we could have dreamed — and it's all thanks to you.

The readers of this blog are also the creators of this blog — from your wonderful photography to your amazing sightings.  Thank you!

On Friday, we reached our 500,000th page view. The blog now averages over 12,000 page views a month — thanks to you!

To celebrate, and as a small thank you, Jim Wright is bringing free coffee and doughnuts for everyone (while supplies last)  to the Super Bird Sunday guided walk.


4 thoughts on “The Meadowlands Blog Reaches 500,000 Page Views

  1. Don

    Congratulations Jim, you and the meadowlands blog have been amazing on getting the word out about how wonderful the meadowlands is and getting more people to come out and enjoy it

  2. Ian Garrison

    Horray! Now, how many of those pageviews were because of certain people (like me) refreshing the blog main page every half-hour?
    Great job on being tremendously popular, Mr. Wright! The blog is a fantastic resource; I fully credit my life Tricolored Heron and Least Bittern to you and the blog.

  3. Carol Dickman

    My thanks to you, Jim, for your effort, hard work, and generosity of spirit! The blog is wonderful. I check it daily, sometimes more.


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