Photographers Showcase: Sandy Sorkin

Barn SwallowToday's Photographers Showcase spotlights Sandy Sorkin. Sandy is a contributor to this blog, a contibutor to "The Nature of the Meadowlands," and the source of our favorite post beginning  of all-time: Sandy Sorkin saw a Sora.

Sandy writes:

"Retiring in 2010 has given me welcome time to pursue both birding and photography. It also allows me to meet many people with similar interests, all of whom seem to have done this far longer than I have. 

"Most of my birding activity takes place in Florida, Colorado and New Jersey providing quite a spectrum for viewing.  I joined The Montclair Bird Club ( in 2010, and try to visit the seasonal hawk watches as often as possible.  Though it is a bit difficult photographing high-flying raptors.

"Meadowlands birding and photography is especially interesting with the varieties, and quantities of  shorebirds and raptors.  Walking along the paths seems also presents the opportunity to take pictures of butterflies.

"If people don't mind a mix of family pictures with birds, my site is"

Thanks, Sandy! 

Three more Sandy Sorkin photos follow.

Common Yellowthroat

Forester's Tern

Marsh Wren


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