Bird Sightings: O’Sprey!

For the second time in four years, we had our first Osprey sighting in the Meadowlands on St. Patrick's Day — making it an O'Sprey.

Ron Shields reports:  "Photographed [the Osprey] on Disposal Road Sunday afternoon.  I believe that's a white perch on the menu (below)."

The day before, Chris Takacs saw our first-of-the-year Great Egret sighting. Weather may be currently dreary, but spring is almost here.  (Thanks, Ron and Chris!)

One thought on “Bird Sightings: O’Sprey!

  1. Mike G.

    I sat and watched the whole episode with Ron (from our respective vehicles of course) over the space of about 20 minutes. The perch was large enough, literally, for two people to have for dinner.


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