Monk Parakeets Doing Well

1-IMG_5226Stopped by the Monk Parakeet Colony in Ridgefield this week and found a couple of dozen birds perched in or near their nests. 

1-IMG_5192They all appear to be doing fine, and making their usual racket. 

The birds were using both their under-the-bridge nests and the plywood ones built for them (left) when the bridge was undergoing repairs a couple of years ago.

(First time we've visited in a long time when it hasn't been cold and gray out — and, of course, it's cold and gray out again today.)

3 thoughts on “Monk Parakeets Doing Well

  1. Laura

    These Parakeets are so beautiful. I have seen their nests set up along River Road in Edgewater also. When you see them together, it is truly magical. Yesterday I also spotted 3 gorgeous Hawks in Secaucus flying past 200 Plaza Drive. I could not believe it and had to do a double take. What a sight to see. Not sure if anyone else saw them.

  2. Sara

    I had a veterinarian friend here in Jersey who had a (illegal) pet Monk Parakeet; such a friendly, intelligent, appealing bird. Liked to sit on your shoulder and groom your hair.
    She told me they are only illegal here because they can survive in the wild and displace local birds.


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