An Artist’s View of River Barge Park

3-ARTIST AT RBPM 003The N.J. Meadowlands Commission’s Angelo Urato noticed an artist painting at River Barge Park recently and decided to see what was what — and take some pix.  Angelo writes:

This is Professor Ard Berge from Felician College.  He has visited the park many times working on his painting of the park.  1-ARTIST AT RBPM 001

Great to see this kind of talent being utilized in addition to the photography that we see so often.

Professor Berge adds:

I’ve really enjoyed painting at River Barge Park. The scenery is spectacular and offers many interesting visual juxtapositions such as the New York City skyline seen behind Osprey devouring their catch. I’m already planning other paintings.

Professor Berge’s website is here. And there’s no truth to the rumor we are changing the name of the site to RivArd Berge Park.

(Thanks, Ard and Angelo!)


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