Now Appearing @ Mill Creek Marsh

Elaine Raine took these two shots earlier this week at Mill Creek Marsh. She and M1-111114 FTD RA Turtle UnKwn Var 001Ef MCM Mdwlnds NJ 111114 OK FLICKR LABEL IDickey write:

The sun was beginning to wane and the shadow was somewhat pronounced, but the combination allowed for a very warm quality.

The turtle resting high upon a thick bent branch of some type was a mystery, for it was several feet above water, and even at the highest tide which occurred about two hours prior, the spot on which the turtle was resting would still have been far above the water level.

Elaine saw no possible way that it could have reached such heights.  The two vertical ends of the curved piece of wood were too steep for the critter to manage from the water surface to the top . . .

The Great Blue Heron was taken just as she was about to leave the park.  She spotted it from the trail leading to the gate, but could not gain any possible decent vantage points from that end, so upon passing the gate she walked up to the fence and eventually found a decent spot from which to shoot.  (Thanks, Elaine, and Mickey! Might be an always awesome Diamondback Terrapin… Let’s hope we see them on the Nov. 18 walk.)

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