‘Meadowlands Bird of the Year’ Poll Results!

Muhammad Faizan snowy owlFrom a wayward American White Pelican to a rare Cinnamon Teal, 2014 was a great year to see unusual birds in the Meadowlands.

The region had so many seldom-seen birds that the N.J. Meadowlands Commission asked South Bergenite readers earlier this month to vote for their “2014 Meadowlands Bird of the Year.”

The results are in, and the winner in a runaway is:

The charismatic Snowy Owl, with 55 percent of the tally – or three times as many votes as the next highest vote-getter. This charismatic owl was frequently seen in DeKorte Park last winter, with a total of four seen at once during Super Bowl Weekend.

Also receiving votes were the Cinnamon Teal (18 percent), the Lark Sparrow (12 percent), the Yellow-headed Blackbird (8 percent) and Marbled Godwit (6 percent).

As we look over the results, we realize we may have slighted the George the Pelican, who left in a huff in October. We are including his photo here to make amends.

A total of 65 folks participated in the poll.

Note: The Meadowlands Commission is offering a 25-cent reward to the first person who sees a Snowy Owl in the district this year.

A big thanks to Muhammad Faizan, Ron Shields, Roy Woodford and Greg Miller for contributing the photos here.

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