Regina Geoghan: ‘The Greatest Gifts’

Feb 18_FrozenMarshDeKorteParkSM_ReginaGeoghan_5094Regina Geoghan, a friend of this blog, has a new column on about nature’s bountiful and enduring gifts, and it features what sure look like a lot of photos from the Meadowlands.

Here’s a sample:

“As I think back over 2014, there is another kind of gift that I want to write about. They are gifts that might be expected or unexpected; gifts that are often not touchable or wearable or even easily describable.

“They are the day-o-day gifts that can cause me to fall asleep with a smile on my face or to wake up in the morning and bound out of bed in anticipation.

“They are the gifts that seem to never wear out or become out of date and that are remembered long after receiving them.”

(Thanks, Regina!)

The link is here.

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