Ridgefield Park Bald Eagles in the New York Times

duke eagles-2015-02-16-at-5-28-55-pmEarlier this week, the New York Times ran an article about the rise of the Bald Eagle population in the vicinity of New York City. It describes a program by the NYC Parks department:

“The park rangers took part in an eagle “hack” project for five years. It seems that eagles lay four eggs and the first two out of the shell tend to thrive, getting the most to eat. The two that dawdle don’t last long. To bolster the population, scientists have been relocating the runts. In New York, the eaglets were put in an artificial nest on a platform in Inwood Hill Park, near a salt marsh at the north end of Manhattan.”

Over time, twenty eagles were released. And according to author Jim Dwyer, Al and Alice, the Ridgefield Park eagles, are the “pride of the program”, having raised several generations of offspring thus far. And as reported here earlier this week, the pair are currently sitting on at least one egg.

Read the full NYTimes article here.

Read Jim Wright’s recent report here.

Read the original 2010 Meadowblog post that broke the story here.

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