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    We thought this guy was one attractive pigeon when we photographed him with a telephoto lens late yesterday afternoon.
   When we looked at the photo closely (see below), we realize
Img_80221_2d he was a real thoroughbred  — a racing pigeon or a show pigeon.
   He was seen atop the pavilion at the Meadowlands Environment Center.
If you can tell us more, please do!

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   Are you an accomplished artist or photographer from the Meadowlands District?

  Then the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission wants to give you an opportunity to show your work at the NJMC’s Flyway Gallery in 2009.

   Click "Continue reading …" immediately below for more information on how you can qulaify.

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  The Meadowlands Festival of Birding had a great turnout today, including this female Blue Grosbeak who showed up for the bird-banding demonstration in Harrier Meadow.
    Also making several appearances: Peregrine Falcons, Ospreys, Green herons, Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned and Great Blue Herons, umpteen egrets, Stilt Sandpipers, yellowlegs and so on.
   Oh, and an estimated 240 birders.
   Some 50 birders went on the Harrier Meadow morning bird walk, and more than three dozen attended the early morning bird-banding, which provided up-close looks at  a Red-eyed Vireo, Ovenbird, Magnolia Warbler and Redstart.  A total of 36 birds were banded and released.


    More than 100 egrets couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s Meadowlands Festival of Birding.
   They were milling around the tidal impoundment beyond Commission HQ this afternoon. They even flew up to the elevated boardwalk by the Environment Center rotunda and hung out.
   Mudflats were packed with peeps, yellowlegs and other shorebirds.
   We told them to make sure to come back tomorrow.
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ENVIRONMENT CENTER: Fall programming

The Meadowlands Environment Center offers some top-notch family programming, and the new fall lineup posted this week is no exception.
   These include programs about honeybees (Sept. 20, ages 5-10), the moon (Oct. 11, ages 10-16), and  environmental shopping (Nov. 1, ages 10 through adult).
   An annual big draw is Halloween in the Meadowlands (Oct. 30, ages 5-10).
   For a pdf of the schedule, click here. (Note: It may take a little time to load.)
   To register, click here.



   Here’s a sneak preview of the new William D. McDowell Observatory in DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst.

   The 2-minute video features an interview with Observatory Director John Sloan.

   Free viewing sessions for the public begin next Monday night at 8.

   More info here and here.


  Img_9681 Starting next Monday (Sept.8), the William D. McDowell Observatory in DeKorte Park, Lyndhurst, is opening it state-of-the art telescope to the public every Monday and Wednesday evening, weather permitting.
   The viewings are free.
   The observatory will be open for two hours each night, with 8 and 9 p.m. viewing sessions.

  The observatory houses a research-grade, optical telescope with a 20-inch mirror within a six-meter retractable dome.

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   Harrier Meadow in North Arlington is a 70-acre wetlands mitigation site restored by the NJ Meadowlands Commission.
    Once a year, for the Meadowlands Festival of Birding (Sept. 13 and 14), the site is open to the public.
    Here’s a sneak preview, with an interview with NJMC naturalist Michael Newhouse.
    Click here for a previous post on Harrier Meadow, with information on plans for guided tours that you can sign up for.


   Welcome to Tuesday Teaser, a new weekly feature of Meadowblog.net. As part of a continuing study,  Meadowlands Commission naturalists take close-ups of dozens of birds.
   We thought we’d challenge your birding skills by trying to identify these birds by their head shots.
   We’ll post a different photo each Tuesday, and you can click "Continue reading …" immediately below for the answer and a link for more information on the species.
   Which brings us to two questions. Who is this guy?  And what do you think of the Tuesday Teaser?
  (A thank you to NJMC naturalist Michael Newhouse for the idea.)

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