Bird Report 122709 (Shrike Still Here)

   Neil Maruca reports: Disposal Rd had the Northern Shrike, seen twice briefly between 11am and noon near the retention pond. Also around DeKorte today, American Pipit, 5 harriers, and a Rough-legged Hawk (light phase).

  Mehrhof had 14 Lesser Scaup, 2 Ring Neck Ducks, 40 GW Teal, 150 Ruddies, 8  Common & 9 Hooded Mergs, Kingfisher.

    Cromakill Marsh held 100 Ring-billed Gull, 150 GW Teal, and 20 Ruddies. (Thanks, Neil!)

One thought on “Bird Report 122709 (Shrike Still Here)

  1. julie mccall

    The shrike was later seen around 3pm on one of the solitary trees on the landfill behind the retention pond.
    Also… northern shoveler in the retention pond. At least 3 red-tails overhead. Canvasbacks and gadwall over the mudflats (which were not muddy at the time.)
    Also seen: belted kingfisher, and a solitary american goldfinch.
    Lots of friendly and helpful birders out today.


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