Shrike Update (Plus!) 123009


   The Northern Shrike continues along Disposal Road. It was spotted around 11:45 a.m. by Jamie Glydon, and also seen by several others.

    IMG_4553Glydon has tried for 10 years to see the bird in New Jersey, including three hours on Disposal Road in the wind and cold yesterday. 

   Glydon had been looking for more than an hour today before he found the bird high on a bare tree across the retention pond. (Thanks, Jamie!)

   Also of note: We are thinking the bird above is a Cackling Goose, seen today in the Saw Mill Tidal Impoundent near the Lyndhurst Nature Preserve in DeKorte Park. Smaller bill, smaller size than the Canada in the background. 

   In the same general area (or beyond): Pintails, Gadwalls, Bufflehead, Common Mergs, Hooded Mergs. Also had a Merlin on Valley Brook just outside DeKorte (thanks, Charley!). Will post a pic later today.


One thought on “Shrike Update (Plus!) 123009

  1. Patrick

    Hard to tell on the Cackling Goose. Is there a larger photo? There are smaller races of Canada Goose where the bill is small, but not as small as a typical Cackling Goose.


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