Bald Eagle(s)

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    Ron Shields photographed this immature Bald Eagle on Monday as it flew over Disposal Road, the epicenter of Meadowlands birding these days.
    The bird the perched on the ice in a nearby impoundment. (Thanks, Ron!)
    On Wednesday, Chris Takacs saw an eagle perched on a distant snag in the Saw Mill Impoundment.  (Last Sunday, walk participants saw an eagle over that impoundment, flushing a couple of Golden Eyes and other nervous waterfowl.

4 thoughts on “Bald Eagle(s)

  1. Pat

    Put the picture Ron took of an immature Bald Eagle 12/24/09 next to the one he took this past Monday. I am wondering if they are the same immature Bald Eagle. Both are terrific shots!!


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