Bird Report 021910: Mandarin Duck, Monk Parakeets and more

  Just in time for weekend birders, Ray Duffy reports: "I did a loop around the area. My first stop was at Braddock (North Hudson) Park in North Bergen. A drake Mandarin Duck was found here a few IMG_9426weeks ago and was still present. It's not countable, but it is a very pretty duck. Also on the pond were a female Hooded Merganser, and some northern shovelers.
   "From there I made a stop at Skeetkill and the Hendricks Causeway. Nothing going on at Skeetkill. I had a 6 six Monk Parakeets on the nests by the railroad bridge.  
   "After another stop or two, I finished off at DeKorte Park. I missed out on the Northern Shrike by a minute or two. The female Common Goldeneye continues in the Teal Pond. I had a number of northern harriers along the landfills including a Gray Ghost [blog note: photo is from yesterday]. Only 2 or 3 Fox Sparrows on the Kingsland Overlook, no sign of any White-Crowned Sparrows.
    Ray's Photo of the Mandarin Duck is also here:  

   Thanks, Ray!

3 thoughts on “Bird Report 021910: Mandarin Duck, Monk Parakeets and more

  1. Fred

    Mandarin Duck , I never saw this duck before, very pretty, looks like a cross between a wood duck, and the sides of green winged teal, Very interesting duck. Nice picture of duck and Northern Harriers. From above bird list . you had a eventful day. Thanks for sharing.


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