Now Singing: The Disposal Road Shrike

    Our buddy the Northern Shrike has now been in the Disposal Road area for 10 weeks (seen as recently as today at 1 p.m.). To mark the occasion, IMG_2920-1we are posting two sound files of the shrike "singing," courtesy of Fred Pfeifer. (Thanks, Fred!)
   The first file below is 2:16 minutes long, and just might be the "Citizen Kane" of shrike recordings. (Just run your cursor over the dark bar, and the "play" icon will appear.)
   The monumental recording features the shrike calling, squeaking and buzzing, with a little Meadowlands wind as an added attraction. At 1:24, you might turn the volume down — that when the AMVETS Carillon chimes in. Around 1:42, a jet is kind enough to fly overhead.

The 'Citizen Kane' of Shrike sound files

    The next sound file below is for shrike addicts on the go. It weighs in at 51 seconds, and features our often-elusive pal's basic repertoire of noises.

The 'Cliff's Notes' version of Shrike sounds

    For a 40-second (slightly gruesome) You Tube video of the Disposal Road shrike by Greg Gard, click here.

    Directions to Disposal Road are in the lefthand column of this blog.

One thought on “Now Singing: The Disposal Road Shrike

  1. Pat

    I listened to both Shrike MP3 files before heading to Disposal Rd. to try once more to find the Northern Shrike. I have heard him perform live before but have never seen him until today. After hearing him for about 5 minutes, I looked for him in the tree featured in the Tuesday Teaser of Jan. 12th. Low and behold, there he was. Hurray!!! Later, I parked my car in the first parking lot by the gate keeper. There were five White-throated sparrows on the grass and in the White Cedars in front of my car. Amazing!!!


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