Cedar Waxwings, Walk for Young Birders

   DeKorte Park played host to several young birders from the New Jersey Audubon's youth birding program on Sunday. The group was led by Mike Britt and the NJAS'  Linda Mattola and Jim Wright of the Meadowlands Commission.
    Highlights included Cedar Waxwings right outside the Meadowlands Environment Center, White-crowned Sparrows (near the DeKorte Entrance and along the Shorewalk), a Brown Creeper. five Northern Harriers, plus a heard Ring-Necked Pheasant. They also looked for the Northern Shrike and Boat-tailed Grackle on Disposal Road but came up empty.
    The group caught up with the First Weekend of Spring Walk at Laurel Hill and got the Common Bald Eagle and cormorants.
   As one of the young birders called it an "awesome birding adventure," adding: "We got lifers and also learned a lot."
   The adults learned a lot as well.

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