Snakes Galore

   We know that some people hate seeing photos of snakes, so you'll have to click the "Continue reading…" line below to see some really nifty photos that Laura Machuca of the Meadowlands Conservation Trust took of a coil of Garter Snakes at Skeetkill Creek Marsh Park in Ridgefield last Thursday. (Thanks, Laura!)
   The MCT was doing some marsh maintenance when Laura saw the snakes, thought to be a bunch of males just coming out of hibernation  and hanging out in hopes of finding a female.

Skeetkill Fence Repair & Mini Clean Up 3-18-10 025

    When Laura started to take photos, one of the snakes started slithering toward her, and she decided to retreat.
    Although the snakes of the Meadowlands are non-poisonous, it's always best to give them a wide berth.
    More on Skeetkill Creek Marsh Park  here.
    More on Garter Snakes here.
    More on the MCT here.

Skeetkill Fence Repair & Mini Clean Up 3-18-10 026

3 thoughts on “Snakes Galore

  1. Jim Wright

    They are seen from time to time near the Environment Center … non-poisonous but should be left alone…


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