Bird Report: DeKorte Black Skimmers

Last night at dusk (8:30ish), two Black Skimmers were working the Shorebird Pool near the guardhouse. As far as we know, that was the first sighting of the year. 

Note: Sorry — In the above post I was thinking of DeKorte Park, where the skimmers can really put on some amazing aerial shows for all to see. This spring skimmers have also been seen in Harrier Meadow, by the legendary Meadowlands Marsh Hawks, as well at the Clay Avenue wetlands by Michael Mastropasqua. Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers who pointed out the error of my (hasty) ways.

4 thoughts on “Bird Report: DeKorte Black Skimmers

  1. Pat

    here is a report I cut and pasted from 05152011 on this blog:
    “Michael Mastropasqua reports:
    On my drive home Sunday night (about 11:15pm) I stopped by the Clay Avenue Wetland (Tessie McNamara Park) to see whether there was anything interesting in the marshes and much to my surprise I found a Black Skimmer skimmers!”
    I am wondering if that is alsowhere the Marshhawks saw their Skimmer.

  2. Mike G.

    I’m pretty sure the Marsh Hawks had their skimmer at Harrier Meadow. The skimmers found last night were the first seen over the Shorebird Pool, I belive.


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