Losen Slote Walk: The Full Monte


Above is one of our better shots of the Blackburnian Warbler seen on our walk and cleanup at Losen Slote Park in Little Ferry on Sunday. The bird could quite possibly be in the photo. If you stare long enough, you might be able to hear it. Or not.

We did get better views of lots of birds — including Black-and-white warblers, a Baltimore Oriole, an Ovenbird and more. We also picked up several trashbags' of litter and enjoyed an outstanding May morning.

Full list follows.

Location:     Losen Slote Park, Little Ferry

Observation date:     5/1/11

Notes:     This was a walk/clean-up sponsored by NJ Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society

Number of species:     36


Canada Goose   


Green Heron    

diurnal raptor sp.   

Mourning Dove    

Downy Woodpecker    

Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)    

Blue Jay    

American Crow    

Black-capped Chickadee    

White-breasted Nuthatch 

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  

Wood Thrush    

American Robin    

Gray Catbird    

Northern Mockingbird    

Brown Thrasher    

European Starling   

Yellow Warbler

Blue-winged Warbler    

Nashville Warbler    

Northern Parula    

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)    

Black-throated Green Warbler    

Blackburnian Warbler    

Black-and-white Warbler 

Hooded Warbler  


Common Yellowthroat    

Savannah Sparrow    

White-throated Sparrow    

Northern Cardinal    

Red-winged Blackbird    

Common Grackle    

Brown-headed Cowbird    

Baltimore Oriole    

American Goldfinch    

House Sparrow    


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