Black Skimmers, Mill Creek Marsh

B Black Skimmer Black 006e MCM Mdwlnds NJ Twilight 062311 OKOne of our favorite birds is the Black Skimmer. Mickey Raine's report and photo capture the excitement of seeing one of these dynamic fliers at dusk:

Elaine and I went to MCM yesterday at twilight, with our fingers crossed, obviously.  It was beginning to get discouraging, for no Black Skimmers were in sight as the hour hit 8 p.m.

Then, while standing on the northern end of the path and also facing in that direction, one glided right in front of our noses from the west side.  The speed in which it surveyed the body of water just above the surface was incredible. 

Most of the time only one at a time would go by, but not very close.  Then on a couple of instances we would see the pair.  There was a third one, but that one never came back in sight after flying over our heads and heading far to the south. (Thanks, Mickey!)


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