Can you ID this Butterfly?

Copy of IMG_5146 Can you identify this butterfly for us?

Ron Shields photographed it last week by the Carillon, but its identity remains a question mark.

(Thanks, Ron!)

4 thoughts on “Can you ID this Butterfly?

  1. Jana

    I agree it is a Question Mark!!
    Polygonia interrogationis
    Butterfly Spotting: The question mark butterfly gets its name from the shiny silver question mark on its hindwing. Like other angelwings this butterfly is an orange-brown color with dark markings and its wings are jagged. The question mark is the largest of all the angelwings.
    Backyard Tip: You might think of the question mark as the scavenger of the butterfly world. Their menu often includes fruit, tree sap, dung and carrion. In a pinch this butterfly can be seen taking advantage of the nectar from such flowers as milkweed, aster and sweet pepperbush.


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