Don Torino’s Post on NJMC Bird-banding

P1080957Don Torino, one of the leaders of our Meadowlands Commission/Bergen County Audubon walks, wrote a great blog post about the Meadowlands Commission's bird-banding project.

The post appeared on the blog this week.

Writes Don:  "Mike and his team have banded well over 2,500 Savannah Sparrows, which are listed as a threatened species here in New Jersey. 

"Mike said that was one of the most surprising things to him was not only how many Savannah Sparrows used the landfill for migration, but other hard to find birds, including the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Gray Cheeked Thrush, and Acadian Flycatcher.  During one of our recent field trips to Harrier Meadow, Mike captured and banded a Yellow-breasted Chat and an American Kestrel.  They are amazing birds to see close up."

Link is here.


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