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Peregrine Serves As Goose Bane

Geese and the falcon
Dennis Cheeseman writes:

"Tuesday was definitely not the day Goose and the falconto be trying to shoot pics, but there was this falcon that was trying to chase down a flock of geese [on the Kingsland Landfill by Disposal Road].

"The whole flock took off from the top of the hill, I noticed one was different from the others so I did the best I could in getting a shot in the rain."

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. (Thanks, Peregrine!)

Bird Report: DeKorte Park and Kearny Cemetery

Yesterday we saw a Wild Turkey in the Kearny cemetery on the corner of Schuyler Ave. and the Belleville Turnpike (it has been seen there sporadically for months. If you park in the CVS pharmacy lot in North Arlington, you can also count it on your Bergen County list (if you are into such lists).  Did not see the turkey this a.m.

Yesterday, when the Shorebird Pool at DeKorte thawed, we had Common Merg, Hooded Merg, No. Shoveler, No. Pintail, GW Teal and Mallard.  Shorebird Pool has refrozen, but something to keep in mind when the weather warms again.

Teaser Answered — or Not….


Tracks2Greg Gard submitted these photos of critter tracks in the Kearny Marsh (above) and on Disposal Road (left).

Greg wanted to hear what readers of the blog thought about these tracks, and well, he got what he wished for –  everything from coot to muskrat to platypus….

Greg himself wrote that "I don't have answers but I'm guessing that the first one is a duck, most likely a Mallard – Roy W. thinks it was an American Coot.

"Second one is most likely a Coyote because impression of the feet are to close to each other for a deer.

"Snow cover was about 8-10 inches high and a "local" cat would left an impression of his belly in the snow 🙂 "

We are going with platypus (or Mallard) and Coyote until proven otherwise.  (Thanks, Greg!)


Yesterday’s Harrier Meadow Walk: The Full List

Had a great turnout for yesterday's Harrier Meadow walk — 29 species of birds and 37 types of humans (including someDSCN5003 enthusiastic 4H club members).

Highlights included four and twenty (Red-winged) Blackbirds; we are pleased to report that no pie was involved.

Also had our FOY Killdeer, making their semi-wonderful dentist-drill sounds.

Full list follows.

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Tuesday Teaser 021913


Tracks2Greg Gard writes:

These photographs were taken earlier this month and show a mysterious animal tracks in the snow.

First one (the one with the "wings," above) was taken in the the Kearny Marsh.

Second one, on left,  was taken on Disposal Road.

Would love to hear what readers of the blog think about these tracks…

(Thanks, Greg!)