Don Torino’s Column on the Arrival of Spring

Don Torino's latest column for is about the arrival of spring.

Here's a sample:

The first  Meadowlands Red-Winged Blackbirds of Spring had been back for a few weeks now. Tthe “Spirit of the Marsh” is always a longed-for sight for me since childhood and especially welcome after a  tough winter.

Their flashes of red and black felt even more special to see  this season. With all the devastation, loss and despair caused by Sandy, the Red-Wings did my heart good upon their cheerful homecoming.

The call of the Killdeer could now be heard almost daily and their dance is center stage on all the open grassy places they could find – a sure sign that Spring would come again.

The Sounds of Spring were heard on my humble morning quest also. The Downy Woodpeckers drumming could be heard like a Ginger Baker solo throughout the woods.

The Chickadees’ Fee-Beee call softly drifted among the trees to signal all was as it should be. The Song Sparrows  filled the meadows with music that could not help  make anyone smile lucky enough to hear them.

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