Don Torino’s Latest: ‘What Exactly Is Birding?’

Don’t birding class visited DeKorte Park last week; highlights included a Bald Eagle.

Don Torino, who will be leading two Birding for Beginners Classes for Bergen County Audubon at DeKorte Park next month, addresses the age-old question “What Exactly Is Birding?” in the his latest column for the South Bergenite.

Here’s a sample:

Maybe when it comes right down to it there is no way to put birding into just a few sentences.

Maybe the singing of a Wood Thrush or the call of a Killdeer invalidates human language when it comes down to explaining the joy of watching birds in the wild. Perhaps when a new birder witnesses the beauty of a Red-winged Blackbird and the brilliance of a Scarlet Tanager words will not be necessary to explain why we love what we do.

The link is here.

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