Laurel Hill Falcons

IMG_6111-002On a visit to Laurel Hill this week, we saw two Peregrines and an American Kestrel.

One of the Peregrines was perched on the old Common Ravens’ nest (above) yet again.

The American Kestrel (below) was perched on a couple of the ball-field light posts before one of the Peregrines drove it away.

Next time you visit Laurel Hill, don’t forget to check for the Peregrines on the cliffs and Kestrels on the light poles.

(And if you have a spotting scope, might look for a Bald Eagle perched on 1-E landfill across the river and past the Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area. An adult Bald Eagle was perched on a tree on the landfill yesterday afternoon, and is seen there fairly often.)

2 thoughts on “Laurel Hill Falcons

  1. Jill Homcy

    Stopped at Laurel Hill the other day at lunchtime and a kestrel was perched on the unused osprey platform by the ballfield.

  2. Michael Pollock

    It was on this site that I became aware of how much larger a Raven is than a Peregrine. The Ravens were protecting their young very successfully.


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