Awesome Walk!

dekorte august 16

The 40 people who came out to DeKorte Park for yesterday morning’s BCAS Nature Walk were treated to sightings of 30 birds, butterflies and moths! You don’t have to wait until the next walk on Tuesday, Aug. 16, at Mill Creek Marsh to see for yourself. Come on down to DeKorte this week!

Here’s a species list from yesterday:

Immature bald eagle
> red tailed hawk
>  caspian tern
> forsters tern
> least bitterns
> dowitcher
> stilt sandpiper
> lesser yellow legs
> greater yellow legs
> semi-palmated sandpiper
> least sandpiper
> semi palmated plover
> mute swan
> double crested cormorant
> yellow warbler
> cedar waxwing
> song sparrow
> barn swallow
> laughing gull
> mallards ruddy duck
> red-winged blackbird
> mourning dove robin
> great egret
> snow egret
> black crowned night heron
> Snowberry Clearwing Moth

American Lady

Red Admiral

Silver-spotted Skipper

Zabulon Skipper




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