Rare Visitor Remains At DeKorte Park!

Wilson's Phalarope 1_edited-1

The rare for these parts Wilson’s Phalarope has remained at DeKorte this week. There were continued sightings of the bird yesterday from early morning through 7 pm. Above is a photo of our special guest taken last week by Chris Takacs.

Here’s more on the Wilson’s Phalarope, courtesy of allaboutbirds.org

Every year in late summer, migrating Wilson’s Phalaropes put on an amazing show as enormous flocks amass on salty lakes of the West. There they spin round and round in the nutrient-rich waters, creating whirlpools that stir up invertebrates that will fuel their migration to South America. Females are rich peachy and gray, and are more colorful than the males. Females court and defend male mates—several per season—while males do most of the work of raising the young.


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