Bird Report 010710 Part 2 (Shrike!)

   Chris Takacs reports: "Northern Shrike was seen along the Saw Mill Creek Trail at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

   "I saw it between the first two towers perched on a small bush. It flew toward the carillon as I walked out the trail."   

   "Red-breasted Merganser, 41 Buffleheads, 15 Green-winged Teal, 130+ Black Ducks,  2 Red-tailed Hawks, 3 Harriers, 3 White-crowned Sparrows were all seen from the trail or the AMVETS Carillon area." (Thanks, Chris!)

One thought on “Bird Report 010710 Part 2 (Shrike!)

  1. Mauro

    I did finally see the Shrike today (a little after 430pm) after 5 tries! Thanks to Chris who pointed out where it was spotted last… beneath the second set of electrical towers walking away from the carillon


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