Shrike Still Here (plus Many More Great Birds)

  John Workman reports:

  Northern Shrike continues.  Seen from 10:20 to 10:35 a.m. near the  northern end of the Saw Mill Creek Trail (off Disposal Road) between the  first and second utility tower islands.   More specifically,  bird perched for a good while in the tallest scrub tree just after the blue  bench, north of the second utility tower.   
    Shrike first seen as it flew, in a very low and direct flight from the direction of the Visitors Center, all the way across the frozen impoundment (just above the icy surface) to the utility island, where  it attempted to catch off-guard some of the song sparrows there. 
    Shrike seen again briefly behind the AMVETS Carillon in the sumacs.  Here again, it pursued an alert little brown  job.    
    While perched, shrike twice gave a raspy, creaky call of  four short notes. Then dove into the  underbrush.    

   Also seen in the sections of the impoundments not frozen  over:   good numbers of Canvasbacks, Bufflehead, Mallards and  Black Ducks.  Fewer Pintail.  Fewer yet (half dozen) Gadwall.  
    Viewing conditions this morning very good (no wind, overcast/no sun  glare, no rain).  At the southern end of the Saw Mill Creek  Trail, amid the thrumming NJ Turnpike western spur, were two  drake Red-breasted Mergansers and a single imm. hen Common Goldeneye.   Also of note, a single Green-winged Teal (the first I've  ever seen next to a Canvasback).   
   On the way out, at the dog-leg on Valley Brook Ave., a male Kestrel sat atop a utility pole. 

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