Osprey Hatchlings!

  The Osprey couple nesting in Kearny across the Hackensack River from Laurel Hill County Park are parents for the second year in a row. 
   The nest, registered with the New Jersey Osprey Project as Osprey Nest #042-A-002, had two successful fledglings last year.
   In the photo of above, you can see one of the adults feeding one of the young.
   Flickr-Osprey03Ray Duffy reports seeing three hatchlings, and sent along a long-distance photo to show it.
   As he writes, hatchling on "left had head down but you see the body, middle [hatchling has] head up,  and right [hatchling] still low in the nest but you can see the head.
   Thanks, Ray.
   For posts on last year's Kearny nest, type "Kearny Ospreys" in the "Search" bar on the upper right of this blog.

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