Two DeKorte Walks Tomorrow (Tuesday)

  IMG_0685-1 The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen Audubon are leading two free guided bird-watching walks tomorrow (Tuesday)  — a two-hour walk at 10 a.m. and a one-hour walk at noon.
   The one hour walk will be entirely on the Marsh Discovery Trail, usually closed to the public because of long-term storm damage. Meet at the entrance to MDT near the guard post at the entrance to DeKorte. Park in the first lot on your right after you enter the park.
  The two-hour walk will include the MDT and other spots. We will look for the Cliff Swallows on this walk. We will look for the Least Bittern, Ruddy Ducks, Black Skimmers and Black-crowned Night Herons on both walks. The night heron on right was photographed on a recent MDT walk. Meet in the parking lot just beyond the guardhouse at the park entrance.

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